Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow
Struggle is rowing up stream with one paddle when everything you want is down the river

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm a Brass Band

I love musicals always have and always will. But somewhere along the way I stopped singing and dancing because I was afraid someone was watching and judging. I became sad and started judging myself. But no more. For the past couple of years I have taken up singing for fun. At 43 I am learning the piano. I love both. I am watching all kinds of musicals. My current favourite song from the musicals is the song Somebody loves me - I'm a brass band from Sweet Charity. I love Shirely McLane's energy. Her Quirkyness and her sense of timing.

My wish is: To Sing as if no one is listening, Dance as if no one is watching and live as if there is only now.

Thanks Shirley for being my inspiration. Come join me!

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